A concrete mixture made by andervision contains TioCem, a cement with nano titanium dioxide. Because of its nano crystalline structure it is a photocatalyst which decomposes air pollutants by photocatalytic reaction. The photocatalysis is a natural phenomenon where a photocatalyst uses light to expedite the rate of a natural oxidation process and the formation of strong oxidizing reagents decompose some organic and inorganic substances in the air. Photocatalysis is an accelerator of oxidation processes that already exist in nature. During sunny weather , the air can be cleaned by photocatalysis up to 90% of aldehyd, nitrogen oxides, benzenes and chlorinated aromatic compounds. During bad weather, up to 70% of the pollutants are still eliminated and the process is permanent without consuming the photocatalyst.


All products are made of an architectural photokatalytic concrete. The concrete consists of a very clean quartz powder, special nano cement TioCem and other ingredients which makes it very strong, ecological and of course recyclable. Our eco technology makes concrete surfaces very smooth without polishing, grinding or coating with chemical layers. Touch the new architectural idea in our designs and you won't be disappointed.

clean air forever