We are architects, engineers and designers. For the last years we have been developing ecological and ultra innovative concretes and creating modern useful industrial designs. In 2010 year, andervision LLC was founded to commercialize our patents. The company has got an office and laboratory in Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, Poland.


We have created many beautiful ultra nano concrete projects. Some of them were unveiled in September 2011 during the exhibition Technicon-Innovation 2011 at Gdansk International Fair Co. and our self-cleaning nano composite concrete panel has got special prize - Innovation 2011. This prized concrete panel was produced as our special mixture of cement TioCem from Heidelberg Cement Group and the same concrete mixture is used to produce ashtrays, wineracks and other photocatalytic goods.


In September 2011 Heidelberg Technology Center in Germany analysed photocatalytic activity of our sample and with 28,3% of NOx abatement the photocatalytic activity is very high, according to the Italian Standard UNI 11247:2007. Based on this result the tested material fulfils the standard of quality with regard to the photocatalytic activity of TX Active-quality label.